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How to improve your performance from CV to Acceptance

At Select Recruitment we are of course on hand to help you through every stage of the application process, from help with CV preparation to interview tips and etiquette. We believe personal contact is the perfect way to guide you through these issues, however, we appreciate that we give you a lot of information, and so for your reference we have compiled the following guidance notes which we hope you will find useful.  

Firstly check your social media / online presence, employers will look at the online version of you, so make sure what they see helps solidify their impression of you as a candidate.

Preparing your Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Your CV must provide a concise and accurate summary of your qualifications, skills and employment experience.
A badly prepared CV will challenge the credibility of its contents and could jeopardise your chances of getting selected for an interview.

Covering Letter / Email

When applying for any position, employers will expect you to include a cover letter / email with your CV.

An effective and professional covering letter should draw together all the facts in your CV, and register your enthusiasm and interest in the specific vacancy. 

Prior to the Interview

During the Interview 

You’ve made it through the interview process! Your Select Recruitment Consultant will contact you for your feedback on the interview and ensure that you receive feedback from the interview as soon as possible.

Staying Positive And Motivated While Job Searching

Doing something on the side while unemployed.

When the job search begins to feel like it’s dragging on, look to do something on the side that may help you maintain your skills or help you build new skills that will be helpful on the next job. Whether it’s volunteering a few hours a week, taking on temp work, or taking a class, it can help give you a lift or inspiration to stay motivated. It also gives you something to add to the CV demonstrating how committed you are.

Finding a new job takes effort, and finding a new job that you will love will take extra patience. Utilise these tips to help keep you going. Soon before you know it, the right job offer will come through!

Networking with others.

Job networking has a great effectiveness rate at helping you find a job and can also help you stay motivated. When you talk to others in the field asking for advice, it can feel like you’re getting closer to where you want to be because you have connections with insiders. Often, your network can also share with you similar challenges they may have faced and offer insight to how they went about the situation, which in turn helps you reflect and react appropriately.

Re-examining your CV and LinkedIn profile.

If you haven’t updated your CV in a while or it’s not bringing in results you want, it’s time to re-examine it. Same goes with your LinkedIn profile. When you do, you build stronger tools to work with in your job search and you will feel a greater sense of confidence.

Do Not get lazy.

Just because you don’t have a job to go to doesn’t mean you should lounge around. Aim to make things happen! Treat job searching like your full-time job. Before getting the day started, freshen yourself up as you would for work and stick to a routine for job searching.

You may start the day by checking your emails, making phone calls, then applying to jobs by lunch and leaving the afternoon to networking with others and researching for other job opportunities. When you stick to a schedule, you work more efficiently and there’s less of a chance for you to get lazy.

Coming up with job search goals.

Treat your job search as a project with tangible goals. Figure out how many hours per week you will be focusing on the job search and assign the hours to specific tasks with related goals. Having weekly tasks and goals keeps you focused.

Select Recruitment can help you make the right career move, assisting with writing your CV and giving advice on how to conduct yourself in an interview. We can also give advice on how to professionally accept a position including negotiations on salary.

Contact one of our friendly professional consultants on 88 88 66 to arrange an appointment for your free recruitment seeker’s consultation.