Tips for Temps

Starting a new Temporary Assignment?
How do you ensure you start your new temping assignment with a bang that's remembered for the right reasons?

Remember first impressions definitely last! In a new job, your first day and initial weeks in your new Temporary position can have a strong bearing on how you'll be perceived for the duration of your spell with your new employer.

Do's and don'ts for Temps

Working out what the form is over your first few days can present a challenge, as the culture of companies and firms varies considerably. Some basic but important reminders are as follows:


  • Arrive early and be reliable
  • Show enthusiasm and be positive at all times
  • Demonstrate knowledge about your new employer
  • Give your best efforts to every assignments
  • Offer suggestion for projects and office improvements
  • Talk to first about any issues before discussing them with others in the office
  • Be open to constructive feedback
  • Ask lots of questions
  • Admit mistakes
  • Look smart and businesslike
  • Be organised (write things down)
  • Be courteous to everyone you meet, from the reception area onwards
  • Keep good relations - you never know when your paths will cross with clients and employees again
  • Say if you are unable to carry out a task for one reason or another
  • Turn off your mobile


  • Sit around doing nothing if you have finished a task - take the initiative
  • Ask what time you can leave that evening
  • Make personal phone calls without asking or without judging what is tolerated
  • Get involved in office politics
  • Book holidays or ask for time off on day one
  • Use your mobile in office hours (deal with personal matters in your own free time)

Remember to fax your authorised timesheet to on 88 88 63 by 10am on Friday Mornings (unless otherwise agreed) and forward your signed original timesheet by 5pm on Friday afternoons to : Ltd.
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