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Jersey is the largest and southernmost of the Channel Islands and is located 100 miles south of Great Britain and only 14 miles from the coast of France.  Despite its small size, measuring just nine by five miles, Jersey has gained the status of one of the world’s major offshore finance centres, with financial services contributing to nearly half of the island’s economy.  

For nearly 50 years the island has remained at the forefront of global finance and corporate solutions, and this is partly down to the ongoing stability, reliability and high quality expertise encouraged by Jersey’s financial authorities. 

Jersey’s status as a Crown Dependency means that we have constitutional rights of self-government and judicial independence, which means that businesses and investors benefit from an independent international finance centre that has its own sophisticated and comprehensive infrastructure of laws and regulations.

Useful information about Living and Working in Jersey

Unemployment in Jersey remains low.  People working in the finance centre are generally paid well in comparison to the UK and the rest of Europe. The income tax rate is low which allows people resident in the Island to enjoy a high standard of living.

Everyone living on the Island, when changing jobs and/or moving home are legally required to obtain a registration card which is proof of status.  For further information please visit: http://www.gov.je/Working/Contributions/RegistrationCards/Pages/MovingHouseJob.aspx

There are regulations surrounding living and working in the Island, and it can be difficult to find work if you have not been resident on the Island for five years.   For more information regarding these laws visit Jersey Customs & Immigration  and also: States of Jersey Housing Department

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Visit these other useful websites

Jersey Citizens Advice Bureau www.cab.org.je
Jersey Advisory & Conciliation Service www.jacs.org.je
Government of Jersey www.gov.je

Local Newspaper www.jerseyeveningpost.com

Jersey has a lot to offer, not just from a career perspective but also from a lifestyle point of view.

For more information: http://www.jersey.com


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A range of services, dedicated to your requirements.

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