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Sustainability Statement


Ways we are trying to make a difference…..


Every little helps

Although we’re a small agency we believe that every little helps when it comes to waste management.  Our initiatives include using Les Amis (a local charity) to collect recycling, implementing a paperless policy for our office, using reusable cups for our daily take away coffees and canvas bags for our shopping.

Reducing the miles

We are committed to working with local businesses and whatever we need we always look local first. It’s important to us that we put back into the community whenever we can, and also ensure that products and services are ethically sourced.  By reducing the miles we’re also massively reducing the carbon footprint of our purchases.

The next step on this journey for us is the plan to implement a ‘walk to work’ scheme for our office based employees, although our business does not require regular travel we believe we can still reduce our carbon footprint even further.

Community spirit

Supporting the community and volunteering is part of our culture at Select.je.

Our Director has worked on a voluntary basis for Acorn and Durrell, two local charities, and has been involved in two Jersey Overseas Aid trips to Africa. She also worked on a project for an independent charity in Uganda where, along with others volunteers, she raised over £10,000 by carrying out cleaning and gardening jobs on the island.

Recruitment sustainability

Part of sustainability to us is about ensuring we look after our candidates and clients for the long term.  As an agency we are not commission based, and believe in working with candidates and clients to secure long term recruitment solutions, which ultimately benefits businesses, individuals and the community alike.